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Adding, Moving and Deleting Pages

Only users with permission to manage pages have rights to add, move and delete pages. For details on how to add content to and publish pages, see the Intro to Page Editing.

Adding Pages

  1. Click Web Pages on the left of the Admin Panel.
  2. Click the (>) icon to expand the page tree if needed.
  3. Click the Edit Icon next to the parent page for the new page and click Add Page.
  4. Type the name of the page in the Menu Name field and press Tab. The other required fields will fill in automatically.
  5. Click the Content button to enter edit mode for the page, or Save to return to the page tree. The page cannot be seen by the public until it is published.

Note: The pages will appear in the menu in the order that they are added.  To reorder them, click the edit icon next to the parent page and choose Reorder Menu.

Options in the Page Settings

  • Meta Tags and Search - Keywords can be used to influence search results with keywords related to the content on the page. Meta Description is a content summary displayed in search engine results.
  • Layout Settings - Some websites have several layout options. In most situations the default layout is the ideal layout. Home or Profile layouts should only be used for Home or Profile pages.
  • Menu Settings - The default menu settings usually should not be changed.
  • Redirect Settings - Use this area to make the page a redirect to a different page or file.

Moving Pages

Pages can be moved to different areas of the page tree.  These changes will be reflected in the website navigation menus.

  1. From the Page Tree, click the settings icon next to the page to be moved and choose Move.
  2. A window will open where a page can be selected as the new parent for the page. The page can be renamed at the same time if needed.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page. The change will go in effect immediately.

Deleting Pages

Deleting pages is easy, and you if you change your mind before the page is published, it is also easy to un-delete.

  1. Click the Settings Icon next to the page being deleted and choose Delete.
    Note: The CMS will search to references to the page and will require removing these reference prior to deletion to prevent broken links.
  2. Confirm the deletion. When page is deleted, all sub-pages below it are also deleted.
  3. Publish the page to complete the deletion. To undo the deletion, click the gear icon next to the page and choose Restore. Once the page deletion is published, it can no longer be restored.
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