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Sharing News Posts

Foxbright has implemented a Share option so that site visitors can share a news post via Facebook, Twitter and/or Email. The feature can be turned on or off by the site's web administrators in the Configurations menu.

How It Works

Once the Share option has been enabled by a web administrator, all news posts on the website will show a Share Link:

When a site visitor clicks on the option, they can easily share the post on facebook, twitter or email to a friend.

How to Enable News Sharing

Please note that only Website Administrators can enable this feature.

  1. Click the Configuration Menu and choose Advanced Settings> Application Settings.
  2. Select News Management Settings in the category list.
  3. Edit the NewsArticleShowShareLink option by clicking the gear and selecting Edit.
  4. Set the Value to Yes and save the changes.



How to use the Facebook Debugger to scrape a New Image

Facebook can be forced to rescrape a news post share.  If you visit the Facebook Sharing Debugger you can paste in the link of your page or news post and force Facebook to rescrape the content.  This will only find new images if the url of the image has been updated. 


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