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Adding Content to the Rich Text Editor

This guide covers how to add and format text content in the rich text editor. For more detail on adding images, links, etc. read the relevant Page Editing User Guides or watch the Intro to Page Editing video.


Pasting into a Rich Text Editor

Content pasted from another source will be stripped of its original formatting (plain text) and will need to be manually formatted using options in the toolbar. By clicking the Paste from Word button in the toolbar prior to pasting the content, properly formatted content will be converted to the styles available to the website. This includes:

  • Links
  • Header Styles
  • Bulleted/Numbered Lists
  • Bold/Italics

Formatting that is not supported in the editor will be removed and added as plain text. It is not recommended to paste images from an external source. If an image is deleted from it's source location, it will be removed from the webpage unless the image is uploaded to the Foxbright website.

Formatting Options

  1. Use the drop-down format menu for access to the website’s heading styles. Using these headers makes the content easier to read and ADA compliant. Information on heading styles and ADA compliance
  2. The Language Selector drop-down should be used to identify non-English text for screen reader identification and ADA compliance.
  3. The Font Awesome button offers a variety of icons ranging from file-type and social media icons.
  4. Use the Image button to add inline images to the editor.
  5. The Embed Media button allows adding embeds into the editor. Due to formatting restrictions in the editor, some embedded content will work better in a Plain Text / Embed Script block type instead of the Rich Text Editor. When embedding a video, it is recommended to use the Video Block to make the video responsive and compliant.
  6. Hover over any button in the toolbar to see a description pop-up of what the tool is.
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