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Hiding and Unhiding Pages

Sometimes a page needs to be hidden from the public but shouldn't be deleted from the system in case of future need. Hiding allows a page to be “hide” a page and then “unhide” it at a later date when the page is relevant again.  This is helpful with, for example, seasonal pages, such as Halloween or spelling bee pages.

Hiding a Page

When a page is hidden, the page remains on the CMS Control Panel; however, the page name is grayed out, indicating that the page is hidden.  Once hidden, the change must be published so that the public does not see the page any more.

  1. Click Web Pages on the left of the Administrative Page and choose Page Tree.
  2. Click the Settings Icon next to the page you want to hide and choose Hide from the dropdown menu.
  3. The page name is now grayed out indicating that it is hidden. You must Publish this change so that the page is hidden from the public.

Unhiding a Page

  1. To unhide a page, click on Show.
  2. Publish the newly un-hidden page.
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