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Using the built-in photo editor

The Image Wizard photo cropping tool is available for photo galleries, spotlight groups and news feeds to allow users to easily resize and crop photos. When a size category is assigned to the photo gallery or spotlight group, it ensures uploaded images are cropped to the same width and height.

Note: Only web administrators have the ability to add size category presets. Once a preset is in the system, any user can apply the size category to their gallery or spotlight group. 

Using Size Categories for Photo Galleries

Note: Photo galleries can be created without any size category applied. When no preset is selected, the image cropping tool will not be available.

Using the Image Wizard in Photo Galleries

  1. Add or edit an existing gallery.
  2. Click the Add Photo button.
  3. Click Select New Image to Upload to upload an image for the computer.
  4. The selected photo is loaded into the Image Wizard, which provides tools to resize and crop the photo to the correct size.
    Note: If the Image Wizard is not be initiated, confirm that a size category has been applied to the gallery in the information tab.
  5. A transparent crop window will appear on top of the image and a slider under the image can be dragged left/right, selecting more or less of the image to be cropped.  The crop window will never go smaller than the assigned size category.
    Note: If uploading a large image, the slider may take a moment to load.
  6. Select the portion of the image to be used by resizing the image with the slider and dragging the crop-window.
  7. Click the Next button to see the cropped and resized image.
  8. Click Undo Crop to return to the crop selection window, or Save to add the photo to the gallery.


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