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Removing the “Intro Paragraph Class Style” in the Editor

With the upgrade to CMS version 4, the Intro Paragraph style is handled differently, which can sometimes make it hard if not impossible to undo the Intro Paragraph Class style once it has been set.  

Here is an example of this. The “gray” heading (boxed in red) should be blue, but is now picking up the Intro Paragraph Class style which is making it a light gray.

Here are some techniques that can be used to alleviate the problem:

Technique 1: Remove Format Option

  1. Edit the content area, and select all of the text that is not displaying correctly.
  2. Select the Remove Format option as shown below. If it is successful, the formatting should return to normal.



Technique 2: Cut the content and Paste as Plain Text

If the 1st technique doesn’t work,  Cut the content and re-paste as Plain Text.

  1. Select all the content that is not formatted properly
  2. Select the Cut option
  3. Select the Paste as Plain Text option.
  4. Follow the instructions to paste in the content and select OK.
  5. The content should be displayed as normal text and styling can be applied as desired.

Technique 3: Edit HTML and remove the tag

This technique should only be used as a last resort and by users comfortable with HTML.

  1. Edit the Content block and select the Source option to view the HTML code.
  2. When viewing source, it can be helpful to set the window to full width.
  3. Delete the class=”content_intro” tag (boxed in purple), leaving just the tag <h2> or other tag type. HTML tags are enclosed by “<> “.
  4. Select Source again, to return to WYSIWYG editor.
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