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Quick Reference Guide

Use Foxbright CMS for Schools’ easy editing features to quickly change text and images on your district’s Web pages. All you need is the simple-to-use Administrator Page and a basic understanding of word processing features.

The 5 Step Process

  1. Find
  2. Edit
  3. Save
  4. Preview
  5. Publish

Finding the Page

  1. To open the Administrator Page, type in the url of your website followed by /admin
  2. Login using your username and password.
  3. Select Page Tree from the menu
  4. You will see a list of all of the pages of the web site. Click on the [+] signs to navigate to the page you want to edit.

Editing (Page Content)

  1. Click Edit on the page you wish to edit.
  2. Click inside the content area to activate the toolbar.
  3. Edit your content or change the content block to display a different type of module. You may have multiple content blocks. To add a content block, hover over the area on the page you would like to add content to and choose add block. In a rich text content block you can use the toolbar for formatting.
  4. Click Save.

Adding and Editing (Images)

With CMS Version 4 you can upload images while editing a page.

  1. Select Images button from the toolbar.
  2. Click Browse Images and select Add Image.
  3. Select a Category from the dropdown menu. Click Select New File to find the image from your computer.
  4. Give your image a Name and a brief Description (description is optional).
  5. Click Save to upload the image to your available files on the website.
  6. Click the file that is now in the list of available files to add it to your page.
  7. Make any formatting changes to the image and select OK.
  8. Highlighting the image and clicking on the Image icon will open the image formatting window in case additional adjustments must be made.
  9. Save the block when done finished editing.
  10. Choosing Close will return you to the page tree.

Previewing the Page

You can preview a page before publishing it.

  1. From the page tree click Preview.
  2. A preview of the page will open in a new window.
  3. Select Undo/Revert to Published to undo changes.

Publishing the Page

Once you have saved a change to a page, a checkbox will appear in front of the page.
  1. Check the checkbox.
  2. Click Publish. If you don’t have permission to publish pages the option will be labeled Ready to Publish.
  3. The person in your district assigned to publish changes to the public will receive an email alerting him or her of the change.

Personal Information

Change your bio or picture on one easy-to-access page.

  1. Reveal and select My Information from the top right corner of the administrative panel.
  2. Make any changes to the information and click Save.
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