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Updating Other User's Staff Pages

This article shows how to find other staff member's profile pages. Only users with permission to manage other user's profiles will have access to their staff pages. See Activating Teacher Pages to learn how to turn on staff pages for a staff member.

Finding Staff Pages

  1. Log into the Foxbright CMS administrative panel
  2. Select the Web Pages tab.  
  3. Use the page tree selector button to choose Find Staff Pages
    Note: Alternatively, Individual staff member's pages can be found by clicking the Staff/Users tab and clicking the gear icon next to the account's name. A Staff Pages option will only be available for staff who's profile has been activated. Only accounts with the ability to manage the staff directory will see the Staff/Users tab.
  4. The Staff Pages list page will list the names of all staff with profiles activated which the current user has permission to manage. Click a staff member's name to view their profile page tree.
  5. For more information on editing content on staff pages see the Staff Pages/Profile Editing Guide.


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