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Reordering pages in a navigation menu

Items in a navigation menu follow the order that the pages are displayed within the page tree. This order affects all navigation menus including the main navigation bar, and the pages within a main navigation drop down menu, when applicable. Page order is also reflected in side, header, quicklinks and any other system-generated menu. Fortunately, reordering a menu is only a few clicks away.

A user will need permission to manage the pages in a section to reorder them. If a user only has permission to some pages within a section, they will only be able to reorder the pages they have permission to.


Reordering a menu

  1. Log into the Foxbright CMS and navigate to the district or staff member's page tree.
  2. Click the edit icon next to the parent page for the section of pages that are being reordered.
    Note: The reorder option is only visible for pages with 2 or more subpages.
  3. Choose Reorder Menu
  4. A list of the pages in the section will appear. They can be drag-and-dropped into the preferred order.
  5. Alternatively, the Auto Sort button will reorder the menu alphabetically.
  6. Click Save to complete the reordering process.


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