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Editing and displaying building information

The Foxbright CMS allows web administrators to add information for multiple buildings to be displayed on a page via the Building Information block. This is often placed in the footer of a building landing page and then inherited to all of the building's sub-pages. For a general introduction to adding new buildings, view the Managing Buildings, Departments and Positions article.

This article will take a deeper look at managing information such as the address and phone number for buildings as well as the newly added ability to display Fax and Attendance Line numbers.

Adding or editing building information

  1. Log into the website CMS and navigate to the Configuration Menu> Facilities> Building.
  2. Edit an existing building, or click the Add Building button.
  3. Fill out the desired data, such as phone, address and the newly added attendance and fax fields.
    Note: The building URL field is only for certain website designs and should be left blank.
  4. The Publishers section allows users to be assigned as publishers for any staff that work in that building and don't have publishing rights for their school and/or teacher pages. When the staff member/content editor clicks 'Ready to Publish' after editing a page, the assigned publishers will receive an email notification.
  5. Save the building information.

Customizing information displayed in the Building Information block

By default, the only information displayed in a Building Information block is the building name, phone number, and address. Web Administrators are able to include and customize other information, such as attendance lines or fax numbers, to be included wherever building Information blocks are used. These settings are global and will affect all areas that Building Information is being displayed.

  1. From the Configuration Menu choose System> Application Settings.
  2. Use the application category dropdown menu and select Buildings.
  3. Each setting is related to what building information is displayed and how. Settings with Boolean in their 'Type' column can be turned on or off. The other settings with Text listed as their 'Type' are labels that can be given overrides.
  4. Click on a setting, or use the gear icon, to edit a particular setting.


  • Attendance / Fax / Phone Label - These settings allow adding different labels to the relevant information in a Building Information area. These are useful if attendance or fax numbers are being displayed, in addition to the building phone number. The label will help site visitors identify what the displayed number is for.
  • BuldingInfoShow - The rest of the settings are a simple toggle on/off to determine which pieces of information get displayed. If a field is turned on, it will be displayed in a building information block only if the relevant data has been added to a building as described in the first section of this article.
  • BuldingInfoShowMap - Turning this setting on will turn the building name being displayed into a link to Google Maps displaying the location based on the provided address data.

Adding Building Information to a building landing page

Building information located in the footer is typically added to building pages in a website's original set-up. If a new building landing page is added at a later time, the building information can be added in the footer by editing a block in the footer, changing the block type to Building Information, and choosing the building that should be displayed. The blocks available in the footer of pages are inherited to all sub-pages to the page that the block was originally added to.

Building information blocks can also be added to page sidebars or content areas for a more automatic way to display building contact and location information.

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