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Scheduling content blocks to publish or expire

A new feature for Content Publishers allows users to publish or expire content blocks at specified dates and times.  This feature can be used on any block type (rich text, news, calendars, etc.) and allows for the scheduled display or removal of content from a page so that content can be hidden from the public before or after a specified date/time. Note: Content editors can be granted permission to be able to publish/expire content in their permissions area.

Adding publish/expiration dates for content blocks


  1. On any editor page with content blocks, click the Publish/Expire button on the block.
  2. Toggle the Publishing or Expiration buttons to yes or no, as needed. Note: a selection of 'No' for either will indicate no action is taken. A block can have both a publish and expiration date, one or the other, or neither.
  3. Set the publish or expiration date and time for when the content should become available or unavailable to visitors.
  4. Click the Save button to close the window.


When content is visible but set to expire, the content block will have tan stripes running through it. The stripes are only visible in the edit view. Website visitors will not see the stripes.


Not yet published or expired content blocks will contain grey stripes in the edit view. The content will still be available to editors to edit, use at a future date, or delete completely. Until the block reaches the scheduled publish date or the expiration date is changed or removed, the content will be invisible to website visitors.


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