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Adding a Favicon to Website

A favicon is the small logo located on a browser tab. Adding or changing a favicon on a Foxbright website is quick and easy. This setting is available to Web Administrators only.

  1. Crop the favicon image to 32x32 pixels and save as a PNG. Favicons can also be .GIF or .ICO format. Note: Favicons with a white background are fine, but transparent backgrounds also work well.
  2. In the images and files area of the admin panel, upload the favicon to the 'Logos and Icons' or similarly worded file category.
  3. Once the file is saved, edit the file and copy the address of the image.
  4. Go to Configuration > System > Application Settings
  5. Search for Favicon.
  6. Edit the Favicon Path and replace it with the address of your favicon image.
  7. Save
  8. Check to see if your favicon is in place on your live site.
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