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Lunch Menus

The Menus feature provides a simple way to build lunch menus for each month, to post on web pages. The calendar grid display is responsive and ADA compliant. Lunch Menus can also be printed from the website.


Note for Administrators: Only users granted permission to the lunch menus feature will have access to add or edit them. To grant permission to lunch menus, find the staff account in the admin panel Staff/Users list, click the gear icon next to their name and choose 'Permissions'. The Lunch Menu permission is located in the 'Additional Permissions' tab.

Creating New Lunch Menus

  1. From the admin panel, click the Menus tab.
  2. Click the Add Menu button.
  3. Give the new menu a name and click the Save button.
    Tip: Each menu is for an indefinite time span. There is no need to create a new menu for each month, simply keep adding data to future months in the menu.
  4. A month grid will be displayed with an Add Menu button. Click 'Add Menu' to add data to each day of the month.
    Note: Only basic formatting options such as bold and italics are available for lunch menu data. This will ensure menus remain compliant and keep from getting too large on a page.
  5. Use the arrow buttons on each side of the month header to edit menus on previous and later months.
  6. When finished adding data, click the Close button to return to the admin panel.

Editing Lunch Menus

  1. From the admin panel, click the Menus tab.
  2. Lunch menus that have been added to the site will be listed with a gear icon next to them containing the following actions:
      • Edit - Opens the month grid where data can be added or edited for each day. Changing the name of the menu can be done from the Edit Settings tab while editing the lunch menu.
      • Purge Entries - Allows menu data to be deleted within a date range.
      • Delete - Removes the menu from the website completely.

Adding a Lunch Menu to a Page

  1. Edit the page where the lunch menu will be added.
  2. In an available section on the page, either add a new block, or change the block type of an existing block.
  3. Choose Lunch Menu from the block type list.
  4. Select the menu to be displayed and save the block.
  5. Publish the page to make the menu visible to the public.


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