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Replace an existing file while keeping the same link

Files uploaded to the website can be replaced with updated versions without breaking links. To change the file name/URL without breaking links, see rename a file without breaking links for instructions.

Only users with permission to manage a file folder will be able to update files in that folder.

Step 1: Locate the File

  1. From the Foxbright Admin Panel, click Files to view the files list.
  2. Use the file “Name” and/or Folder to locate the file to be updated.


Step 2: Edit the File to be updated

  1. Click the File to be updated or click the settings icon and choose Edit
  2. Click the Select New File button to upload a new file.
  3. Save the file and the original file will be replaced with the new file. All links to the file will now point to the new file.

Note:  If the original file is still being referenced on the webpage, clear the browser's cache to ensure the browser finds the updated version of the file.

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