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Replacing existing document on website to keep the same link

This technique will update an existing file on the website without breaking the links.  This should be used when a file that has been posted on the website has been revised and needs to be updated.

Tip: If you know a file is likely to be replaced down the road, simplifying the file name before or during the initial upload can keep the file name and URL destination 'evergreen'. For example, if you have a 'Field Trip Permission Slip' you replace every year and the original file is titled 'Field Trip Permission Slip 2019-20 NEW Approved' or something else too long, condense the file name to simply "Field Trip Permission Slip' or something that can be re-used. The file name becomes the file url once uploaded and can't be changed later without re-uploading and linking.

Step 1: Images/Files: Locate the File

From the Foxbright Admin/Control Panel, expand Images/Files and select List Files.


Step 2: Locate File to be updated

Use the file “Name” and/or Category to locate the file to be updated.

Hint: if you hover over the link on your website page, you will see the “address” of the file.  The information after “/downloads/” is the Category and following that is the file name.


Step 3: Edit the File to be updated

When you can see the file that you want to update, click the “Name” or select the Gear and click the “Edit” Option.  

Note: The Name and Last Modified columns can be reordered by clicking the arrows to the left.


Step 4: Update the File by uploading the new file

Select the “Select New File” blue button and find the new file on your desktop or network drive. After you have selected the new file, select “Save” in the lower left.  The file has been replaced.


Step 5: To view the new file

It is important to clear your cache before testing the link. The browser may have a stored version of the file in the temporary internet files/cache. After you clear your cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del), you can then test the link.

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