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Activate Password or Username Recovery at Login Screen


Now that all sites have received a security certificate, Password & Username recover can be activated on all Foxbright supported websites aside form clients using LDAP to manage user credentials.

Note: There are a handful of clients who won't see the Application Settings required to activate this feature. Please contact Foxbright Support to add these settings.

  1. From the configuration menu, select System>Application Settings.
  2. Searching the keyword 'Forgot' will filter the settings to the Username and Password Recovery Settings.
  3. Changing the ForgotPasswordResetEnabled and ForgotUsernameRetrievalEnabled settings to 'True/Yes' will enable the respective feature. Either or both can be activated.
  4. Editing the ForgorPasswordEmailSubject or ForgotUsernameEmailSubject will change the subject for the email sent to the user to retrieve their credentials.
  5. Contact Foxbright Support with questions or if issues are encountered.


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