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Using 'News' as a way to display board meeting dates and minutes

The newsletters feature to display Board Meeting Minutes is an easy way of displaying a list of agendas or meeting minutes organized by date. However, newsletter articles don't display unless you have uploaded the required filed.  So this is not a good option if you also need to show future meeting dates.

If you want to show both meeting minutes and future meeting dates, we recommend using News, News Articles do not require a file to display. News can also be helpful for Board information as the feature supports uploading multiple files (agenda, minutes, approved minutes, etc.) to a single article, when needed.

News articles will display in reverse chronological order based on the publish date, and allows archiving of articles at a particular date so they are still available to site visitors via an archive link without taking up extra space on the page.


Adding Board Meeting Dates and Minutes as News Articles

Note: all the article fields can be changed as needed after they have been added by editing the article.

  • The first step to using News is creating a news section, if one hasn't been created already.
  • Once the News Section has been created, articles can be added to it by clicking the news tab from the admin panel and clicking 'Add News Article'
  • Select the primary news section to assign the article to.
  • Give the article a title - this will display as the bold title text shown in the image above. For uses such as board meetings, determining a format and sticking to it will help the list of dates / minutes display consistently.
  • Choose a publish date when this 'Article' should start to show on the web page where the news section is displayed. For board meetings, the publish date may not be the actual date of the meeting since the title should be displayed so visitors will know when the meeting will be held. Remember: The articles will display in reverse chronological order, so when adding multiple meeting articles at once, set the later meeting dates to publish at least a day later than the publish date of the meeting article prior. 
  • Set an archive date when the meeting should disappear from the page it is displayed on and added to the list contained within the archive link. For example, sometimes it makes sense to archive a board meeting article 6 months or a year from the meeting date.


If no minutes are available to add to the meeting article at this time, the article can be saved and it will start displaying on the page the section has been placed once the publish date has been reached. Article on adding a news section to a page.

Adding Minutes or Other Files to a News Article

  • Once the meeting minutes are available, edit the news article by clicking the news tab and choosing the 'list news articles' option.
  • From the list of articles, click the item that is to be edited, or click the gear icon next to it and choose 'Edit.'
  • Click the 'Add (upload) file attachment' button to upload a file to the article.
    Please note: If you prefer, you can edit the Summary of the News Article and upload a link to the files like you would on any website page. 
  • A window will appear where the link text can be added. This should be typed exactly how the link should display on the page.
  • Click the 'Select New File' button in that window to choose a file from the computer.
  • Once the file is finished uploading, save to close that window. This process can be repeated if multiple files need to be added to the article. Note: Once a file has been saved into an article, the link text can't be changed. If an error has been made in the link text, click the trash icon next to the uploaded file then upload the file again. 
  • Save the article and the link will be added automatically to the page containing the news section.

Note: When using the news feature, it is not necessary to edit the page where the news section is displayed. The data from the news section and the articles assigned to it are displayed automatically on any page the news section has been added.


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