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Using News or Newsletters to Display Board Meeting Dates/Minutes

Using Newsletters to display Board Meeting Minutes (or other non-newsletter specific purposes) is an easy way of displaying a list of agendas or meeting minutes organized by date. Newsletters provides a simple and clean interface for generate a list of files by date and offers the archive function. However, newsletters won't display unless a file has been uploaded to them and can only contain a single file per newsletter post.

The main reason to use newsletters is to save space on a page. With 'regular' news, the post title is displayed separately from linked files and requires more space on a page per-post. Depending on an organizations needs, using 'regular' news can be a good fit for board meetings / minutes for the following reasons:

  • Allows displaying a post for a future meeting prior to having any files to upload to the post. The post can then be edited later to add additional links or information.
  • Supports multiple files / links per post.
  • The News Post Summary / Detail can be used if more information is needed within each post.

Using either News or Newsletters requires the following steps to get them on a page. Once a news/newsletter feed is on a page, the process becomes very simple: add a new post and it will show on the page containing the feed automatically once the publish date is reached.

Newsletters for Board Minutes


News for Board Meetings & Minutes


Tips for using News to display Meeting Dates and Minutes:

  • The publish date of a News Post is the default date displayed in the News Feed on a page. Use the Display Date field to override the publish date displayed on a page. This allows publishing a post about a board meeting immediately, while using the actual date for the meeting to display on the page. Alternatively, dates can be hidden completely in News Feed block settings and the post title can be used for the meeting date, as can be seen in the above screenshot.
  • Posts can be updated as needed by editing the post.
  • Posts will display in reverse chronological order, so when adding multiple posts at once, set the later meeting dates to publish at least a day after the publish date of earlier meetings.
  • Once a news or newsletter feed is placed on a page, it is not necessary to edit the page where the feed is displayed to add new posts. Adding a new post to the feed will display on the page automatically once the publish date is reached.


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