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Adding a Custom Floating Badge to the Homepage

The Custom Floating Badge feature provides an attention-grabbing method of promoting a page, program, or other information, in a similar fashion of the transparency badge. Once activated, the badge appears on the homepage as a floating graphic which can be linked to a page or file. Multiple badges can be created and displayed at once, or saved for future use. Only Web Administrators are able to create floating badges. Floating badges are only available for website home pages at this time. 


Creating a Custom Floating Badge

  1. Once logged into the CMS, in the Configuration menu, choose System>Floating Badges.
  2. If Floating Badges have already been created, they will be displayed on this page. To add a new badge, click the Add Badge button.
  3. On the Add Badge page, there are fields for Information, Link, Badge Image, Badge Closer Image, and Display controls.
  4. Once the badge fields have been entered, save the badge to begin displaying on the homepage, or to return to for future editing.

It is good practice to view the homepage once a new badge has been added to ensure the chosen image size looks good. If adjustments in positioning need to be made, contact Foxbright Support.

Badge Fields

  • Information - Give the badge a title. This title is not displayed with the badge and is just for organization purposes. The system will automatically generate the Identifier field once the badge is saved.
  • Link - The badge can be linked to an external or internal webpage or an uploaded file. The link can be set to open in the same window or a new window. The link text provides context for those using a screen-reader and is not displayed visually on the badge. This should be descriptive of where the link is directed and include any text that is displayed on the chosen Bade Image.
    Note: If the badge is linked to a file, whether the file is displayed in a window or downloaded is determined by the site visitor's browser settings.
  • Badge Image - This is the image that will display on the homepage. The suggested image size is 200x200px or smaller.
  • Badge Closer Image - This is the small image (30 x 30px) that will display if a site visitor closes the badge, similar to how the transparency badge minimizes into a small round icon which can be clicked by the visitor to reveal the badge again. Appropriate alt-text should be given to the closer image to inform visitors using a screen-reader of what the badge contains.
  • Display - The badge can be set to display as soon as it is saved, or not displayed if being saved for later.

Managing Existing Badges

  1. From the Configuration menu, choose System>Floating Badges.
  2. A list of existing badges will be displayed.
  3. Click an existing badge to edit it, or click the trash symbol to delete it.
  4. If multiple badges are being displayed on the homepage, they can be dragged-and-dropped into the preferred order.
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