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Customizing Staff Directory Contact Form Fields

As of CMS v4.628.0 Foxbright has added additional controls to customize the behavior of the default contact form accessed from the staff directory. This includes the ability to make the email or phone fields required, and add a field for visitors to input the student's name.

Note: Some clients running this version didn't have these settings in their configuration. Please contact to get these settings applied or to schedule an upgrade, as necessary. 

Managing Contact Form Fields

  • Once logged into the CMS, from the Configuration Menu choose system>application settings.
  • Filter the list of settings using the dropdown tab and selecting Contact Forms.
    If you don't see the Contact Forms option in the dropdown, try searching 'Contact Form' in the search bar.

There are a number of settings that can customize options in the contact form. The following were recently added per client request:

  • Contact Form Email Required - Edit and choose 'Yes' to make the email field required for the submitter.
  • Contact Form Phone Required - Edit and choose 'Yes' to make the phone field required for the submitter.
  • Contact Form Show Student Name - Adds a field for the submitter to include a student's name.


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