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Using the online photo editor

This process is also demonstrated in the tutorial video: Re-sizing and Adding Photos to Your Website

Resizing Your Image

Before you can use an image, you must prepare it for use on the district web page.  This process involves resizing the image down to the width of the Content Area.  This step is very important.  If the image is too large, it will break the template or slow the download speed of the web page.

An online photo editing software is available to use at to resize the image. Scroll to the next step, Uploading the Image, if the image is already edited and ready to be uploaded.

    1. The image needs to be in an electronic format, either on your computer, a CD-Rom, or other storage device.
    2. Open an internet browser and go to the website
    3. Click Open Image and browse to your image. Select your image and click Upload this image.
    4. Click on the Resize Tool to resize your image.
      Note: If you are unsure what a button in the photo editor does, hover over it and a pop up description will appear.
    5. Enter the desired width for your image. For most content areas, widths of 600 pixels or less are preferable.  There is no need to enter the height.  It will be calculated automatically for you based off of the width that you entered.
    6. Click on Apply.
    7. Click Save to Disk in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
    8. Click Save File to save your image back to your computer


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