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Exporting calendar events

Foxbright has added the ability for staff to export events from individual calendars in either iCal (.ics) format or as a .csv spreadsheet.

Exporting events as an .ics file allows users to import calendar data into a third party calendar system. .ics is the industry standard for calendar data and is accepted by most systems.

Exporting events as a .csv is a helpful starting place for importing multiple events at one time. The exported .csv file is formatted to Foxbright's import specifications. New events can be added to the spreadsheet as new rows. The spreadsheet can then be re-imported as a method for adding multiple events without needing to add individual calendar events manually. For more information on the import process, see Importing events from a spreadsheet or ics / iCal file.


  1. Click the Calendars tab and choose Manage Calendars
  2. Find the calendar to be exported and choose Export Calendar from the gear icon options.
  3. Choosing a Start Date and End Date will export events within the date range. If no dates are selected, all events in the calendar will be exported.
  4. The Content Format dropdown determines whether the export format will be .ics or .csv.
  5. Click Export to download the generated file


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