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Adding Size Category Presets

Size Categories must be set up for the website to make use of the image resize/crop feature. Size categories can be assigned to photo galleries, spotlight groups, news feeds and profile photos. Only web administrators are able to create size categories.

Once size categories are created, they need to be assigned to respective areas they were created for. For example, a size category for spotlights will need to be assigned to any spotlight group that should be using the size category. Multiple size categories can be created, so one spotlight group is able to use a different size category than another.


  1. Once logged into the CMS, click the configuration drop-down and choose system>size categories.
  2. Click the Add Size Category button
  3. Size category fields are as follows:
    • Name (required): Give the size category a name such as “District Home Photo Rotator”, “School Home Photo Rotator” or ‘spotlights’. Adding the actual pixel proportion to the title can be a helpful reminder for users.
    • Description:  Optional, for internal use only.
    • Width:  Width of the photo in pixels
    • Height:  Height of the photos in pixels
    • SortOrder: This will determine the order the list of size categories will be displayed. This can order can be adjusted manually from the size categories list page by clicking the sort button.
  4. Save the Size Category.

Note: It can be helpful for users to include the category dimensions in the size category name. This may help users be sure they are selecting the best size category for the application.

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