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Changing the title of a PDF

One of the most common ADA compliance errors is a missing or improper title for a PDF. Prior to exporting a PDF from a word-processor, a title can typically be added in the file properties. The properties of an exported PDF are locked down for editing unless a version of Acrobat Pro is available. Fortunately, there is a workaround!

Note: The filename, which can be easily changed, is not the same as the title of a file.

While the title settings can't be accessed for an exported PDF, by viewing a PDF on a computer the file can be re-exported again by 'printing' the file. This process may vary slightly depending on a computer's OS but should be similar across platforms.

  1. Open a PDF file on the computer, typically by double-clicking the file.
  2. Go to File>Print
  3. There should be a drop-down or other selector where the destination/format of the printed file can be sent. Choose the Save as PDF option.
  4. A file properties window should pop-up or become available, where the title of the file can be updated.
  5. Save the file to create a new version of the PDF with the updated title.
  6. Replace the original file on the website with the updated version.


While a new title won't solve all ADA issues with files, hopefully this work-around is helpful for those with files being flagged with an empty title error.

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