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Displaying an Image in News Headlines Feeds

Images can be uploaded directly to a news post to be displayed in a News Headlines feed. Images  can still be added as content in the article summary or detail, as they have been previously. To display images in a news headlines feed, the setting to 'Display Images' must be set to yes in the News Headlines block on a page. Images can be added to new posts via the Image tab, or to existing posts by editing the post.

Foxbright can change the styling for News Headlines blocks if the feeds on a page need styling adjustments to display as desired. To have Foxbright style how these images display with the feed, a website administrator can contact or call Foxbright at 616.988.2400.

Uploading an Image

Size categories can be selected for a news feed when adding a new news feed, or by editing an existing news feed. If no size category is selected for a news feed, images added to posts in the news feed will be uploaded as-is and not be run through the cropper.

When editing or adding a news post, an image tab is available in the 'add news post' form to upload an image.


Displaying Images in News Headlines Feeds

As noted above, the manner in which news post images are displayed is flexible and may require styling to achieve the desired effect. These images are commonly displayed as thumbnails in a News Headlines block. There is a 'Show Post Image' button in the News Headlines block properties that can be toggled on.

Below is an example of the thumbnail display in News Headlines. By default, the image would display above the post information in a feed, or can be styled for other alignment as can be seen below.


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