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Updating Staff Account Information

This guide covers how a user can update their account information. For information on editing staff pages, see the Staff Profile Editing Guide. To turn on staff pages, see Activating Teacher Pages (Web Admin Guide). For Web Administrators adding or updating staff accounts, see Updating Staff Information.


Updating Account Information


Profiles have basic information like name, phone number, position and email links added automatically to the sidebar of the profile. This information can be edited in the My Account area once logged in.

  1. In the top-right of the admin panel there will be a tab with the account name. Click that tab to reveal My Account.
  2. In the My Account area, there are fields to update password, name and contact information. Much of this information is added into the sidebar of the profile automatically.
  3. In the Profile tab, a user can update their Profile Photo, activate their profile and update their profile summary. Information in the Profile Summary displays in the Staff Cards block when in use.
    Note: Staff Profile Pages will only become available once they are published. By default, staff accounts have permission to edit their profile pages but not to publish them.
  4. Click Select New Image to Upload to upload a profile picture that will be added along with contact information to the sidebar of the profile page.
  5. Click the Save button to close out of the account information area.
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