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Video Block - Posting Responsive & Compliant Videos

The Video Block provides an easy method of embedding videos from YouTube or Vimeo to a Foxbright website. YouTube and Vimeo offer free accounts where videos can be uploaded. Uploaded videos can be set as private/unlisted in the YouTube/Vimeo settings if they shouldn't appear in search results outside of the Foxbright website.

The Video Block ensures the embedded video is responsive to different window sizes and devices. At this time, Video Blocks are available to Teacher Pages, District Pages, and in the Stories feature.

To make an embedded video ADA compliant, the video should have captions and a transcript file should be provided to visitors. The Audio and Video - Transcripts/Captions article explains how to create these files and provides additional resources for ADA compliant videos.


Using the Video Block

  1. Add a new block to a page, choose the Video Block type from the Block Type drop-down and click the Change Block button.
  2. Give the video a Title. The title can be hidden or displayed as a heading 2 style above the video. A title is required for each video for ADA compliance whether or not it is displayed.
  3. Choose either YouTube or Vimeo from the Video Source drop-down.
  4. Paste the video URL in the Video Link or Id field.
  5. Save the block and the video will be added to the webpage.
    Note: If the video URL doesn't work, click the share button on the video and copy the video URL provided by YouTube/Vimeo to use in the Video Block.

Once videos are added to the page, you can drag-and-drop to other sections of the page to re-arrange.




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