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Adding a Slideshow gallery


The Slideshow gallery type is designed for use in content areas of pages. They are flexible to different content section widths, whether they are used in a full-width section, a column, or a sidebar. While the gallery being displayed can be created using a size category so that all images are cropped to the same size, the Slideshow will also display a collection of images of different sizes in an attractive manner. Tip: the Slideshow block is not intended for use in the focus image area at the top of pages. This area should be reserved for the Banner Rotator

A gallery must be created before it can be added to a page. To create a new gallery, see Creating a new photo gallery.

Adding a Slideshow Gallery to a Page

  1. While editing a page, hover over an existing block and choose change block or hover over an available section and choose add block. Tip: changing an existing block will replace the existing content with the newly selected block.
  2. Select Slideshow as the block type and click Add/Change Block.
  3. Choose the Gallery to be displayed in this area. The following settings may be applied:
    • Title - the gallery title field is displayed as a heading 2 style above the gallery.
    • Auto Play - causes the gallery to rotate automatically
    • Auto Play Speed - determines the speed of image rotation.
    • SlideShow Height - determines the height of the slideshow in pixels. Slideshows will always be 100% width for a content section. The height can be adjusted to make the gallery display at a size appropriate for the collection of images.
    • Captions - caption content contains the name, description, and link added to a gallery image. They can be made to always show, or setting them to toggle to show provides a button to allow the visitor to expand the caption.
    • Gallery Controls - can be expanded to display fields where JavaScript code can be added to the gallery, changing the default behavior of the gallery. This is an advanced setting and generally not used.
  4. Save the slideshow to add the gallery to a page. Publish the page to make it available to visitors.

Tip: the View All Images link below the slideshow will open a 'perma-page' to display all images in the gallery as a Photo Board grid. The title of this system-generated page is the name of the gallery.


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