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Adding a Photo Carousel gallery


The Photo Carousel is primarily designed as an alternative gallery type for focus image areas, though it can be used in other areas as well. The Photo Carousel fans out images in the gallery and allows visitors to click-to-rotate through the images. The links below the gallery can be set to rotate between images, link to other pages/resources, or be hidden. By default, the links and tabs on the images display the image title as set in the photo gallery.

The Photo Carousel works best when all images in the gallery have been cropped to the same size/ratio. A gallery must be created before it can be added to a page. To create a new gallery, see Creating a new photo gallery.

Photo Carousels will likely require custom styling by Foxbright before they will fit the design and colors of individual websites. To get started using the Photo Carousel gallery block, website administrators should contact

Adding a Photo Carousel Gallery to a Page

  1. While editing a page, hover over an existing block and choose change block or hover over an available section and choose add block. Tip: if using the Photo Carousel in a focus image area, these areas are usually locked to either a Banner Rotator gallery or an image block. If it is locked, the 'change block' option will not be visible. Contact to have that section changed.
  2. Select Photo Carousel as the block type and click Add/Change Block.
  3. Choose the Gallery to be displayed in this area. The following settings may be applied:
    • Title - by default, titles added to a Photo Carousel will not be displayed on the page.
    • Carousel Nav Buttons - determines the behavior of the buttons/links below the gallery. The styling of these links can be adjusted by Foxbright and behave as follows, depending on the selected setting from the dropdown:
      • ChangeCard - the links will rotate the images in the gallery. Images can be clicked to visit links added to the images in the gallery, when applicable.
      • FollowLink - the links will navigate the visitor to the page/resource added as a link to the images in the gallery.
      • Hide - buttons/links will not be displayed below the Photo Carousel.
  4. Click Save to add the gallery to the page. Publish the page to make it available to visitors.
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