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Adding a Banner Rotator gallery


The Banner Rotator is designed for the focus image area of pages. Most sites will have a specific size category for focus galleries. If a gallery is intended for use in the focus area at the top of a page, be sure to set the size category when creating the gallery so that uploaded images will be run through the Image Wizard cropping tool. Photos not cropped for the correct ratio for a focus area may be stretched or distorted to fit as this area is designed for full-width images. See creating and editing photo galleries for more information on adding and editing photo galleries. Tip: when adding a gallery to a page that is not located in the focus area, consider using one of the other photo gallery types that are designed to better display a collection of images in a variety of sizes such as the Slideshow and Photo Board gallery types.

Page layouts including the homepage, building homepages, landing pages, and staff profiles / teacher pages will likely have an area for a focus image or gallery. Depending on a website's design, some layouts may not have a focus area, or it may be locked to an 'image' block type instead of a Banner Rotator. If a page and it doesn't have a focus image area, or it is locked to an 'image' block when it should be a Banner Rotator, contact for options or adjustments. Tip: the focus area will usually be the first or second full width block on the page. When in a page's edit view, pausing the courser over a block will display help text to identify what section type that area is. 


A gallery must be created before it can be added to a page. To create a new gallery, see Creating a new photo gallery.

 Adding a Banner Rotator to a Page

  1. While editing a page, hover over the block for the Focus Image/Gallery and choose edit or choose change block and select the Banner Rotator block type . Tip: often these areas are locked to either a gallery or an image block. If it is locked, the 'change block' option will not be visible. Contact to have that section changed to the Banner Rotator.
  2. Choose the Gallery to be displayed. The following settings may be applied::
    • Title - the gallery title field is usually hidden from Banner Rotators in the website design. When requested by an administrator, Foxbright can style the title to show.
    • Auto Play - causes the gallery to rotate automatically
    • Auto Play Speed - determines the speed of image rotation.
    • Default Link Text - if images contain a link but don't have link text, the default link text will be displayed and can be overridden by editing this field. Links are displayed when the captions overlay is turned on for the gallery.
    • Randomize Images - images will rotate in a random order when yes is selected. Otherwise they display in the order set within the gallery. Images can be reordered by editing the gallery.
  3. The Gallery Controls function can be expanded to display the following settings:
    • Show Buttons - set to 'Yes' to display gallery controls on the Banner Rotator. Gallery controls are recommended for ADA compliance.
    • - allows a visitor to play or pause a galleries rotation. The drop-down setting controls where this button is displayed.
    • Next/Previous Buttons - allows a visitor to scroll through the gallery images. The drop-down setting controls where these buttons are displayed. 
    • View All Button - provides a button so the visitor can view a 'perma-page' with all images in the gallery displayed as a Photo Board grid. The title of this system-generated page is the name of the gallery. The drop-down setting controls where this button is displayed.
  4. The Advanced JS Override function can be expanded to display fields where JavaScript code can be added to the gallery, changing the default behavior of the gallery. This is an advanced setting and generally not used.
  5. Save the block to add the Banner Rotator to the page. Publish the page to have the changes available to site visitors.


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