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Formatting .CSV File for News Import

The ability to import News Posts is limited to Web Administrators. For assistance with importing News, please contact the website administrator or

Importing News Posts can be a quick way to add multiple news posts to a feed at one time. While importing News is not as common as importing calendar events, it can help save time when multiple posts are ready to be scheduled but have not been added through the CMS yet. It can also be helpful when converting News from a 3rd party system into the Foxbright system. Converting an external News Feed into a Foxbright News feed can be accomplished in two ways:

  • If the 3rd-party system has an export function, the exported data can usually be re-configured into a .CSV spreadsheet compatible with the Foxbright CMS.
  • If the 3rd-party system provides an RSS feed, the feed can be converted to a .XML file to be imported into the Foxbright CMS. See How to Generate an RSS File for Import for instructions.

Downsides to Importing News Posts

  • Import Spreadsheets only contain raw data. Images or attached files in a news post won't be included in a spreadsheet file.
  • News Post Summaries and Details must be added to the related spreadsheet 'cell' as HTML. Some users have trouble editing content as HTML and the cells in a spreadsheet provide limited space to view the content added in the cell. HTML for News Post details can be copied and pasted into the cells relating to the Summary and Detail fields.
  • Most users add News Posts manually so they have access to the editor and have a more visual / WYSIWYG experience when adding news content.

Creating a .CSV File

  • Download this News Template Spreadsheet. The columns are formatted for use in the Foxbright CMS.
  • Alternatively, a .CSV file for News Import can be generated by exporting news from the Foxbright CMS. In the Configuration Menu, go to Import / Export and choose News Export. Any news feed can be selected for export. The .CSV file will be formatted correctly for use in the Foxbright CMS. Existing data in the export file can be updated or replaced with data for the new posts being added to the file.

.CSV Column Descriptions

  • Section - The name of the news feed where the news post is being added. This must be typed as it exists in the Foxbright CMS or the system will create a new News Feed based on the section name added (required).
  • Title - The title for the news post (required).
  • Subtitle - The subtitle for the news post (optional).
  • article_date - The publish date for the post (required).
  • archive_date - The archive date for the post (required).
  • headlines_show - Determines whether the post should show in News Headlines feeds. Input 'yes' or 'no' for this column (required).
  • headlines_enddate - The date the post will be removed from News Headlines feeds (optional - if left blank the system will use the post's archive date).
  • summary_html - Add HTML content for the post's summary field (optional).
  • article_detail - Add HTML content for the post's detail (optional).
  • created_date - The date the post was created (optional). This field is for internal organization only and isn't displayed in news feeds or posts.

Once news posts have been added to the .CSV spreadsheet, it can be imported to the Foxbright CMS via the Configuration Menu > Import / Export> News Import. Note: It is important to save the spreadsheet as a .CSV file, otherwise the CMS won't accept the file during import.

Contact for assistance.


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