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How to Generate an RSS File for Import

The ability to import News Posts is limited to Web Administrators. For assistance with importing News, please contact the website administrator or

Importing via RSS/XML file can be helpful when converting News from a 3rd party system into the Foxbright system. If a news source offers an RSS feed, it usually looks like a normal URL with /feed/ at the end. This URL can be converted to a .XML file that can be imported by web administrators via the Configuration Menu > Import / Export> News Import.

Converting RSS to .XML

  • Copy the RSS URL from the news source.
  • Paste the URL into a browser as if going to a website and hit 'enter' to visit the URL.
  • Depending on browser settings, the URL will either prompt a download of the .XML file which can be uploaded to the Foxbright CMS, or, it will open a tab with the source code. The source code can either be copied and pasted into a plain text editor such as notepad and saved as a  .XML file, or click File>Save Webpage As... and save the resulting .TXT file. The .TXT extension can be changed to .XML for use in the Foxbright CMS.

Importing news is pretty uncommon, but is a feature Foxbright left in for legacy use. For further assistance, please contact and include the RSS feed URL and/or the .XML/.TXT file.

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