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How to generate an iCal file for import

iCAL files can be used for importing events into a calendar from a 3rd party calendar system. This is helpful when transitioning to using Foxbright Calendars from a 3rd party calendar system like google calendars without having to recreate existing events. Importing an iCAL file is not the same as using iCAL integration for managing events and will not continue to sync events from the 3rd party. Importing events with an iCAL file will help bring over events from the 3rd party so that the calendar can be managed directly through the Foxbright CMS for future events.

Generating an iCAL (.ics) File for import

  • Find and copy the iCAL subscription link for the calendar in the 3rd party system. In google, this is in the calendar settings.
  • Paste the link into a browser's URL bar in the same way a website URL may be pasted or typed to go to that website.
  • Hit enter/return to 'go' to the pasted iCAL link.
  • The browser will generate a .ics file that can be downloaded to the computer. This file can be used to import into an existing calendar in the Foxbright CMS.

See creating and managing calendars for more information on managing Foxbright calendars.

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