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Adding a Custom Form to a Page

After Creating a Custom Form and Adding Form Fields, a form is ready to be placed on a page. Until a form has been placed on a page, it is not available to the public.

  1. Edit an existing page, or add a new page for the form.
  2. Change an existing block, or add a new block to the page.
  3. Choose the Custom Form block type.
  4. Give the Form a title (optional). This will be displayed as a title above the form. If the page was created solely for the form, it may already have a page title related to the form, thus, adding an additional title to the form block may be redundant.
  5. Use the dropdown to select the form to be displayed on the page. Note: Changes to the form can't be made from the page itself. If the form needs to be edited, find and edit the form from the admin panel by clicking the Forms option in the sidebar menu.
  6. Save the block and Publish the page to make the page and form available to the public. The URL for the page can be linked to or shared.


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